Wednesday Workout – Interval Training

The best way to improve your run pace is to incorporate interval training sessions into your training program.

The holidays are over and it is time to start your triathlon training once again!  I am sure many New Year’s Resolutions had to do with getting fitter and faster in the new year, maybe even set a new PR at a certain race distance.  Check back here every Wednesday for a new workout to help you do just that!  I will be posting different workouts that will help you get fitter and faster by improving your swim, bike, and run, as well as, your speed, strength, and flexibility.

There is a simple and logical way to improve your running speed, work on quickening leg turn over.  To do this you need incorporate interval sessions into your weekly routines.  Both short interval sessions and long interval sessions need to be incoporated into your training plan.  Shorter intervals will help you increase your leg turnover and leg speed.  Doing these shorter interval sessions will get your legs use to the quicker turn over so when you are ready to incorporate longer intervals into your training you will be able to use that faster cadence and work towards a faster race pace.  Today’s workout is going to be a great first short interval session to begin your speed training with. 

Warm Up:

Start with an easy 10 minute warm up followed a by five 25 meter strides just to get your legs use to moving a little quicker. 


10 x 1 minute at 80-85% followed by 1 minute recovery jog/walk.
The pace should be fast enough to where you need that 1 minute recovery jog, but not so fast that you can not maintain the same pace throughout all 10 repetitions. 

Cool Down:

An easy 5-10 minute cool down run.

Enjoy your first speed session of the new year!


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