Holiday Triathlete Streak!

Stay fit and active through the holiday season!

The Holiday Season is here!  This can mean extra time spent enjoying family and friends, attending holiday parties, and endulging in the festivities, but don’t let go of your health and fitness that you have worked so hard on all year!  Stay FIT and ACTIVE through the holiday season and start the New Year feeling GREAT!

Runner’s World has a great Holiday Running Streak!  Run at least 1 mile everyday from Thanksgiving through New Years!

But what if you are a Triathlete and want to swim and bike, as well?  How about a Holiday Triathlete Streak!!  Stay active through the holiday season by doing at least one of the three sports each day! SWIM, BIKE, or RUN everyday starting on Thanksgiving and keeping it up through New Year’s Day! 

Let us know about your workouts and how you are doing on our facebook page.

Good Luck on your Triathlete Streak and Happy Holidays!!!!


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