Workout Wednesday

Since it is marathon season, I am going to start Workout Wednesday with a speed workout designed to help you reach your marathon goal pace. 

Yasso 800s

The idea behind the Yasso 800 workout is to run each 800 at your goal marathon time.  If you want to run a 3 hour 35 min marathon then each 800 should be run at 3 mins and 35 secs with the same amount of rest time. 

Start out with 3 to 4 800s on your first week of trying them.  Every couple of weeks add 1-2 more repetitions until you max out at 10 800s.  The first few 800s shouldn’t feel too hard, but as you add repetitions it will become harder to hold that goal pace. 

If a marathon isn’t your goal for this running season, you can still run the 800s to improve your speed.  The best way to become a faster runner is to do speed sessions weekly to help run faster.  If you are training for a triathlon, 5k, 10k, or half marathon try running the 800s at 5k-10k pace. 

KONA Multisport home of has all the triathlon supplies, running gear, and endurace equipment you need to help you meet your goals while training and racing.


One response to “Workout Wednesday

  1. I really like that picture. Good twist on an old saying. The Yasso 800s is a good idea and I should probably put them into my weekly routine.

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