Tip #2 for Boosting Mental Toughness

Tools For Boosting Mental Toughness By T.J. Murphy

Tip #2 for building a stronger mental focus.

Build confidence with difficult workouts. According to Kabush, psychological strength gets manufactured with challenging bouts of training. “We need to do some workouts that scare us,” she says. What this means is that key workouts need to be planned and executed—workouts more demanding than the race. Pre-race fear will be replaced with a steely resolve. “These are the confidence builders,” says Kabush. “You’ll be able to commit to finishing at whatever cost.”

Workouts such as going farther than race day distance or pushing hard on longer intervals, these key workouts push you past your comfort zone and give you the conficence you need on race day. If you can persrevere through the difficult workouts, come race day, you will know that you can accomplish your goals.

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