Get Aero!!

Triathlon Aero Helmet Recommendation

There is a current debate among triathletes about whether an aero helmet will actually save you time in a triathlon. There is scientific evidence to support that an aero helmet will. Wind tunnel tests suggest that you can save as much as six

Aero Rider

Aero Rider

minutes in a full distance race provided you hold your head up and there is little cross wind. Our research shows that buying an aero helmet is the least expensive way to shave time off of your race.

If you’re serious about reducing air resistance and cost is not your primary issue then your tri bike is really where the aerodynamic difference is.

Early Aerodynamic Developments Leading to Tri Bikes

It’s old news that aerodynamic drag is what consumes a lot of a rider’s strength. Tri bikes such as the Scott Plasma series and the Quintana Roo CD 0.1 represent the pinnacle of the quest for minimal air drag. This ongoing quest has been going on for over a decade, when disk wheels were first developed to lessen wind resistance. Different spoke counts have also been a form of experimentation to make bicycles more efficient.

Anatomical Experiments Resulting in the Tri Bike

At about the same time the wheels were being tinkered with, the bicycle frames were also being worked on. It’s plainly obvious to the casual observer that bicycles were heavy and looked aerodynamically like holding the open end of a bucket against the wind. Since the study of wind resistance and aero bikes started taking shape the research in this field started to pay off with many cycling records being broke. 

Triathlon Bikes Raise the Bar on Bike Technology 

With the advent of races like Ironman, bikes became even more sophisticated. The Scott aero bar allowed for a more aerodynamic posture for the rider and reduced energy expenditure. The wheel technology and spoke count has been finessed to add very little to virtually no wind resistance. This naturally leads us to consider other aerodynamic considerations, such as helmets.


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