Triathlon Bikes vs. Road Bikes

Difference between triathlon bikes and road bikes
Before even considering which bike you should buy, it’s best that you borrow a bike and participate in a decathlon or sprint triathlon to see whether or not you’re going to enjoy racing. If you decide that you like racing, then it is time to think about what kind of bike, road or triathlon, you should purchase. In order to answer this question, it’s best to first take a look at the geometry of both the road bike and triathlon bike.

Triathlon Bikes 

Ironman triathlon bikes are designed to be fast, aerodynamic, efficiently utilize the rider’s energy and to an extent, help conserve energy. As a result, triathlon bikes have a steeper seat tube angle, measuring between 76-78 degrees. The top tube and front end slopes are usually a bit shorter. The angle of the head tube is less aggressive with the chain stay being about one centimeter shorter. With this geometry, the bike enables the rider’s hips to remain open for riding in the aero position.

Road Bikes 

Road bikes are designed to handle well in a variety of environments. The seat tube angle is approximately 73 degrees, causing the rider’s position to be upright. The hands are located at the top of the hoods for easy shifting and braking. As a result, the position enables maximum power transfer when pedaling.

Which bike? 

No matter which bike is appropriate for you it would be wise to shop at The Ironman Store in Tampa, Florida or online on their ecommerce website for the latest models, designs and components. When you shop at The Ironman Store, you will a vast selection and a staff of professionals available to provide you with the right recommendations of which specific type of bike you should look for. Get more information on their Fly n Tri™ program. Either on site at The Ironman Store or online at you will find a knowledgeable staff that will be able to direct you to the bike that you need and desire.In conclusion, it’s best to consider your riding style and ability, as well as how much money you want to spend. If you have trouble reading the difference between the two bikes, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a certified tri bike fitter while you are shopping for ironman triathlon bikes.


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