Right Triathlon Apparel Can Help You Compete in Comfort

Whether you’re a relatively inexperienced triathlete or a seasoned competitor, you need the right triathlon apparel to reach your ultimate potential. Visit IronMan360.com for all of your triathlon equipment and supplies.
Whether you’re a relatively inexperienced triathlete or a seasoned competitor, you need the right triathlon apparel to reach your ultimate potential. Those who undervalue the importance of the proper gear tend to populate the rear of the race. If you want to escape the ranks of the also-rans, dedicate yourself to finding the best tri shorts and tri shoes for your individual needs.

Tri shorts 

You can find a variety of tri shorts or women’s triathlon shorts that boast all sorts of different guarantees. Some are made from extra stretchy material that provides targeted support to the lower abdomen and upper legs, while others help cool the body by pulling moisture away from the skin. Whatever type you choose, be sure your shorts are lightweight and possess thin padding that will allow you to jump right on your bike without having to change after the swim. Look for triathlon apparel made using flat seam construction that enhances fit and eliminates uncomfortable abrasion.

Bike shoes 

Though you can use your triathlon running shoes during the biking portion of a triathlon, they won’t prove as comfortable or efficient as a good pair of cycling shoes. This type of footwear is made with stiff soles that provide a lot more power than your ordinary soft-soled running shoe. To reduce those precious wasted seconds, choose tri shoes equipped with one or two hook-and-loop strap closures that allow for faster change-outs. Look for triathlon bike shoes equipped with loops in the back that will allow you to pull the footwear on more easily.

Running shoes 

The proper triathlon running shoes can have a great impact on comfort and performance. Before choosing a tri shoe for the running portion of a triathlon, have your feet measured to see if you have high, normal or flat arches. Consult a fitting specialist who will help you determine if your running style is prone to pronation, over-pronation or supination. He or she will recommend cushioning shoes, stability shoes or motion control shoes based on this assessment. Triathlon apparel is about far more than aesthetic appeal. If you want to safely compete with some of the more formidable participants, choose tri shoes that will allow you to run comfortably on paved paths, rough ground and everything in between.


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