4 Things Every Beginner Needs to Compete in a Triathlon

Whether you’re a competitive athlete looking to test yourself or a noncompetitive participant looking for exercise, triathlons can satisfy your appetite. Visit Ironman360.com for all of your triathlon needs.
Triathlons provide the perfect platform for both competitive and non-competitive athletes to test their endurance and will. If you’re thinking of competing in a triathlon, assess your goals and prepare accordingly. Whether you’re interested in competition, exercise, adventure, or just plain fun, you need the proper triathlon gear to put you in the best possible position for success. Contrary to popular thought, triathlons don’t begin at the starting line; they begin at The Ironman Store. Learn which essential items you need to participate in your first triathlon, or you are likely headed for an uncomfortable or even painful experience.

Triathlon Wetsuit

Although not required, this piece of triathlon gear can improve your ability to compete by providing buoyancy and added warmth in cold water. If you’re competitive, get atriathlon wetsuit from our online Ironman store; if you’re just looking to participate, you can probably get away with an ordinary bathing suit.


Triathlons are about speed and endurance. When you’re engaged in one, you can’t afford any sort of minor nuisance. Purchase a pair of reliable swimming goggles to keep water out of your eyes, or you won’t be giving yourself the best chance at success.


If you’re a non-competitive participant, you can use virtually any type of bike; however, before you settle on a purchase, take the time to evaluate your long-term goals. You may think you’re saving a few bucks by opting for a relatively cheap fitness bike; however, as you become further ensconced in the world of triathlons, you are likely to want a faster, more aerodynamic and efficient bike. If you make the wrong choice upfront, you may end up with two bikes. Competitive triathletes ride lightweight carbon fiber tri bikes equipped with tri-specific geometry. Designed to place the rider in an aerodynamic position, these triathlon bikes also help prevent leg fatigue.

Triathlon Running shoes

Whether you’re a casual or competitive triathlete, you need to purchase a pair of legitimate running shoes for triathlon. Bypass discount shoe stores that offer so-called running shoes and opt for a one that provides a gait analysis. A cheap pair of running shoes may lead to knee pain and foot problems. Make no mistake; triathlons force athletes to endure significant stress, and you need the proper triathlon gear to get by.


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