A big announcement and some other stuff

First, a big announcement, and by big announcement, I mean huge, maybe even monumental. Two-time Florida 70.3 and former world champion Leanda Cave will be visiting the Ironman store in Tampa on Thursday to talk about the one aspect of triathlon and endurance sport that many of us, myself included, do not pay nearly enough attention to – race day nutrition. If you’ve ever bonked, faded badly at the end of a race, ended up in the medical tent, or pulled a Julie Moss, then this event is for you Even if you always nail your nutrition (liar…) then the Ironman store will still be the place to be on Thursday at 6:00.

Don't do this, or wear shorts like that guy

According to the press release:

Experienced triathletes know that nutrition choices leading up to and including race day can make or break your performance. Please join us at The Ironman® Store for our ongoing IRONClinics™ multisport training series on “Race Day Nutrition” featuring one of  triathlon’s biggest stars in the sport today – Two time defending Ironman 70.3 Florida Champion Leanda Cave in conjunction with Pacific Health Laboratories.

Managing and optimizing your nutritional intake prior to competition can set the stage for a strong performance. But equally important to race-day success is your intake of fluids and solids during the event. Body size, length of the race, pacing and environmental conditions are all contributing factors that help determine an athlete’s total calorie requirements and his or her selection of fuels. Learn how to boost your intake of the proper nutrition and determine the correct electrolyte supplements needed.

Pacific Health Laboratories produces Accelerade and Endurox, so expect free samples, giveaways, and hopefully some Accelerade coladas – there’s some nutrition for you.

Mmmm... Orange-Accelerade colada

In 2007, Leanda and I shared a moment over some baked ziti at the pre-race dinner at the inaugural Tri 101 race in Bradenton. Just like that much-hyped but doomed series, our meeting was brief, awkward, and probably forgettable (to her at least), but hopefully her presentation on Thursday will be much more memorable and informative.

We'll always have Bradenton

Secondly, the very first SwimBikeRun post contained a feature called “I’m a moron…” Well, today it happened again. Since I skipped my morning bike ride in favor of some more delicious sleep, I decided to go for a short ride this evening. So, I packed up the bike and headed to Flatwoods for a short ride. Unpacked the bike, filled up the tires, and headed out. Got ten seconds into the ride when I realized that my rear tire was completely flat, and guess what – no spare. Turned around, packed the bike back up, and headed home. So there’s Part 2 in the continuing series; the next chapter will undoubtedly appear sooner than you think. Don’t blink.

Thirdly, it is now officially hotter than (insert un-family friendly noun here) in Florida. I complained all winter like the last kid in the neighborhood to get the new Grand Theft Auto game about the cold, so now I can’t complain at all about the heat, which sucks because it was really hot this weekend. So, bring it, Mother Nature; my heatstroke and I will be loving it.   

Fourthly, it’s time to complete the recent Giving Back post that was so rudely interrupted by a rant on wheelsucking. As this post is being written, the Yankees/Red Sox game is airing and Major League Baseball is devoting the day to the fight against breast cancer; many players are wearing pink arm bands and swinging pink bats. Somehow, pink looks pretty fitting on Jeter and A-Rod. Back to the point – as endurance sports athletes, many of us take the opportunity to use our love of triathlon, running, or fitness to support causes close to our hearts. Recently, a few family members and friends have taken up causes dear to them and used marathons, triathlons, and even golf tournaments and dinners to raise money to eradicate some of the ills that plague our society. Even as many of us struggle through the current economic “downturn” or “crisis” if you will, thankfully we can still find a way to scrape a few bucks together or to train for long-distance races in order to do our small part to make the world a better place for not only ourselves but for future generations. By taking part in such worthy causes, those of us who have accepted the challenge will not only complete a marathon or triathlon, but will also raise several thousands of doallrs which will then undoubtedly save lives.

Sometimes, we’re not all completely self-absorbed jerks; now if we can only get the traffic that we’re “impeding” while on bike rides to realize that too.

What, we're in the way?


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