St. A's is here!

It’s like Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, and NFL Draft Day all rolled into one! The greatest day of the year! Screw birthdays – St. Anthony’s is here! Triathlon season has officially begun in Florida! Thousands of triathletes from across the globe will bring their goggles, bikes, and kicks to St. Pete for their first race of the year! How many more exclamation points am I allowed in this post?!

St. Anthony’s has traditionally been the Daytona 500 of the American triathlon season, except we actually know how to make right-hand turns (hopefully). This has changed the past few years as Ironman has added new races earlier in the year to become the Starbucks/Walmart of the triathlon world, but for those of us in Florida, St. Anthony’s is the race we spend our “winter” training for. St. A’s is a world-class event with thousands of age-group athletes racing, a huge expo, a fast course (provided the swim is flat, there’s no wind, and no heat – good luck with that), a scenic venue, and a blazing fast pro field. It’s got everything a triathlon could ask for. It’s been around forever, has been growing even bigger, and has been consistently voted one of the top triathlons on the planet.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend. Hopefully the weather will be great, the roads clean of debris (take it from me, bring a spare kit), and the post-race beer plentiful. If you’re not racing, come on down and giggle as friends and newbies flail across the finish line. Also, check out the pros race, those guys and guys are amazing. The pro list this year includes such luminaries as Craig Alexander, Matt Reed, Grerg Bennett, Sarah Haskins, Laura Bennett, Mirinda Carfrae, and Julie Dibens. It should be great. 

Maybe the swim won't get cancelled this year

Oh, Canada…

K-Swiss is making inroads into the multisport world, and if you watched the Kona coverage last year, then you may have noticed Chris Lieto (or Tampa Bay’s own Heather Gollnick) decked out in a K-Swiss sponsored kit. In addition to a line of shoes that is getting some rave reviews, they are also offering apparel to the discerning tri-fashionista. But these aren’t just the latest and greatest in cooling, wicking, chafe-dodging, not-blindness-inducing clothing. These kits are patriotic too, especially if you’re not from ‘round these here parts. K-Swiss’s new kits feature designs inspired by the flags of Brazil, Germany, Australia, and Canada. So if you’re still embarrassed by the U.S.’s loss to Canada in the gold medal hockey game, you’re a huge fan of the movies “City of God” or “Kangaroo Jack“, or have an original copy of Kraftwerk’s “Tour de France”, then sport one of these outfits.

Call me Gretzky

So what if you can’t make your country’s national team, you can still pretend.


2 responses to “St. A's is here!

  1. Well, the St. Anthony’s swim was a letdown for a lot of people this year. After wave 18, with the wind picking up and the water getting too rough, Philip LaHaye pulled the plug on the swim course and designed a sprint distance swim going with the current. If you did the entire swim, you know that the current was difficult and by the time you got out of the water you were spent. But unless you can claim to have finished the swim in its entirety, how can you compare overall race times or even get a pulse on your personal best vs. your previous year’s times? I for one am glad that I was able to swim the entire course despite the current and waves, but from a safety issue and insurance liability I think they made the right call. I remember how disappointed I was last year when the swim was cancelled all together, so if that was the alternative, then I am sure people have gotten over it. On to the bike….. The wind was the challenge. And for more than half the race, you were either directly into the wind or getting blown sideways from the wind. But there is no challenge like that of manning up against the race conditions and testing yourself. The run…. boy oh boy, every year I swear I am going to turn myself inside out and have the best run time of my life. And I always change my mind at Mile 4 and just wish the race was over. I don’t know what it is about getting over the little inter-costal bridge and heading towards the finish, but every year I get the same feeling – my running shoes seem to weigh five pounds each, but the box they came in say 8 Oz…. I have got to find a better way to get myself across the finish line. Anyway, great race, great expo, lot’s of pleasant company and great improvement with getting back into transition without having to wait for every biker to be off the course… Let’s see what next year brings us…

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