Welcome to SwimBikeRun.com, where the minutiae of swimming, biking, and running will be explored, dissected, editorialized, expectorated, promoted, highlighted and occasionally ridiculed. Hopefully, we can inform and sometimes entertain with the content we’ll be regularly posting on this site.

Postings to this site will include: ramblings on the sports which we enjoy, race reports and previews, product reviews, and occasionally some news from the world of professional racing. (Can any site about triathlon or cycling ever avoid eventually bringing up Lance? We’ll see how far we get.)

A little background on the author – an age-group triathlete and runner living, training, and racing in Tampa Bay, Florida who’s been obsessing and learning a little bit more about endurance sport with each workout and race over the last decade or so, but by no means considers himself an expert in any of these disciplines, so please regard everything you read here accordingly.

As my swimming, biking, and running mostly take place in Tampa Bay and Central Florida, that’s where the main focus of this site will lie, but I’ve occasionally ventured away from home for a few races, and let’s face it, the endurance sport universe does not center around Thonotosassa, Florida, so races and other endurance sport stuff beyond idyllic (and very flat) Central Florida will also be featured.

Bike Trail in Florida

You ain't seen flat...

Hopefully you’ll read, enjoy, and come back. Even better, give us some feedback. Let us know what’s good or not about the site, what you want to talk about, or how you think Lance will do at the Tour of Flanders this weekend (told ya – not even gonna try…). We’d very much like to promote businesses and products that help our sport thrive, so we are more than willing to help out by featuring your business, products, or services, as long as  they’re related to triathlon, swimming, biking, running, and/or something related to the fitness lifestyle.

That’s enough of an introduction, now onto SwimBikeRun’s very first post:

I’m a moron, and here’s why…

(Part One of what will probably be a continuing series)

Within the last week or so, I’ve made two rather stupid, one which could have been very costly,”newbie” mistakes. I’d like to think that I’ve been riding my bike enough over the past ten years to not be a complete “Fred”, but with these two instances, you might not think so.

First (and this is the les humiliating of the two), while recently out in San Antonio, FL for the Wednesday morning group ride, I found myself riding solo,  and then found myself with a flat rear tire and about ten miles from the parking lot. Usually not a problem, but on this day I happily found myself without a spare tube. I had everything else: CO2 cartridges, tire levers, inflator, and dollar bills in case there was a hole in the tire, but I was missing the most important piece in the tube-changing process — a tube.  So, the next step was to swallow some pride and call my training partner to come pick me up. I rode the flat tire as far as I could until my rescuer arrived. Fortunately, my American Classic rim held up with nary a scratch and stayed true. No big deal really, except for feeling pretty stupid to have not packed a new spare after the last time I flatted. This incident wouldn’t seem like such a big deal, until we get to Part Two of our adventure; the first part is just a tease.

A couple of days ago, and out on another pretty uneventful solo ride, I finished up and headed back to the car. Leaned the bike up against the trunk of my replica Batmobile, and changed back into my Bat costume.  Got into the car, powered up the nuclear reactor engine, put the car into Reverse, and…


Don't forget to check your rearview mirror

…yup, ran over my bike. I could hear the scratching from behind me, and spotted a guy jogging up to me waving his arms in a “Stop, you idiot” motion1. I prepared myself for the worst — mangled wheels, crushed drivetrain, broken dreams of a spring full of “hard-core” bike training. After making sure (twice) that I put the car into Drive before moving forward again, I pulled the bike from underneath the Batmobile and surveyed the damage. Thankfully, only the rear wheel took the brunt of my stupidity, and even that was only out of true, a quick fix. The American Classic wheel held up once again.  The Batmobile’s completely made of carbon fiber, so it’s light enough to have not done any real dammage to the bike. After taking my wheel to my wheelbuilder friend (coincidentally enough, the boyfriend of my rescuer from the first part of the story) to be trued with a six-pack in hand as payment, my bike is now rideable again.

So, the morals of the story:

  • Replenish your flat kit after getting a flat
  • Don’t lean your bike up against the back of your car; lean it up against the side or just put it in the car first
  • Ride American Classic wheels, they’re fast and apparently the Sprint 350s are idiot-proof. If you were at the Tampa Twilight Criterium last weekend, you saw a whole lot of really nice rides festooned with ACs
  • Newbie mistakes happen, and apparently happen to me a lot. The next installment in the I’m A Moron series will no doubt be coming soon


1 The “Stop, you idiot” wave is a two-armed, unenthusiastic wave with hands about chest-high and the waving motion not particularly hurried.


2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. So happy, spring is here soon and I can soon take out my bike for a spin again!

  2. Chadwick Perico

    I feel like I’m constantly looking for interesting things to read about a variety of topics, but I manage to include your blog among my reads every day because you have compelling entries that I look forward to. Here’s hoping there’s a lot more top-notch material coming!

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